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Acid Burn - Treatment and Picture of Acid Burn

What is Acid Burn?

Acid Burn is an injury caused by the corrosive action of the acid. It requires immediate medical attention. Severity of this acid burn injury depends on the contact time between acid and tissue. Hydrofluoric acid burns are a unique clinical entity. Dilute solutions deeply penetrate before dissociating, thus causing delayed injury and symptoms. Burns to the fingers and nail beds may leave the overlying nails intact, and pain may be severe with little surface abnormality.

First Aid of Acid Burn

  • Organise immediate removal to hospital
  • Wash splash area immediately, repeatedly with running water
  • Don't waste time hunting for 'Alkali' neutralisers
  • Burns on the face - Breathing difficulty can set in shortly after the injury. Delay in shifting to hospital can cost a life
  • Injury to eye - Wash immediately and repeatedly with clean cool water. See your doctor

Skins Burns Remedy

  • Wash with water over 30 minutes
  • In case of delibrate acid injury, the face is the target most of the time. The victim of such injuries should be rushed to the hospital

Medical Question: I have a fear that acid is going to splash and burn my face every time I'm at my dentist 's because she uses citric acid to do some job with my braces and teeth. Can this acid be dangerous and how can burns be solved? I have heard that this is happening, so am not just being paranoid, but would like to get an useful advice. Does it leave the scars and does it immediately burn the tissue?

When acid has been swallowed

Wash your mouth with diluted milk and see the doctor.



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