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Chest Pain - Picture, symptom, Treatment of Chest Pain

Chest Pain Information

Chest Pain is one of the common causes of anxirty. One question Chest Pain provokes always the same: Is it a heart attack? While everybody knows the decriptive terms applied to the pain of an ischemic heart (angina pectoris). With a diagnosis of Chest pain, it is also important to consider whether there is an underlying condition causing Chest pain. A characteristic of chest pain associated with a heart attack is that it is often unrelenting. Once it begins, there is usually nothing that you can do at home to stop the pain. A heart attack can happen to anyone - it is only when we take the time to learn which of the risk factors apply to us, specifically, can we then take steps to eliminate or reduce them. Although chest pain is the key warning sign of a heart attack, it may be confused with indigestion, pleurisy, pneumonia, or other disorders.

Sign and Symptoms of Chest Pain

The signs and symptoms of Chest Pain - Crushing, squeezing, burning, sharp, over the breast bone, retro-stenal, on the left shoulder and radiating over the arm or neck - Most of us find it difficult to fit these term to the episode when we are either experiencing it, or watching somebody experience it. In most cases of Chest Pain that are not catastrophic, the doctor can be consulted only after the episode is over. These may include: Sweating ,Dizziness, Shortness of breath ,Palpitations ,Paleness ,Nausea and vomiting,An anxious feeling with a sense of impending doom .

Causes of Chest Pain

  • Angina pectoris is teh pain of ischemic heart muscle.
  • esophageal pain due to GERD can be severe, burning or constricting.
  • panic and anxiety cause Chest Pain very commonly.
  • Muscle pain in the chest wall: pressing the area is very painful.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cure of Chest Pain

What can one do while experiencing Chest Pain?

  • Adopt the position of maximum ease.
  • breathe free
  • do not panic
  • water is usually thrust on the victim out of the need to do something to alleviate his distress.


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