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Dhobi's Itch - symptom, Treatment of Dhobi's Itch

Dhobi's Itch Information

Dhobi's Itch is also known as Tinia cruris, Ringworm. Dhobi's Itch is a fungal infection over the groin.

Dhobi's Itch is so called as the fungus is often contracted through inadequately laundered clothes that have been washed with infected clothing.

Symptoms of Dhobi's Itch

The lesion in Dhobi's Itch is itchy, redish and clearly demarcated. It does not cover the genitals. The infecting fungus is a dermatophyte. It can affect other parts of the body as well.

Tinia corporis can occur anywhere on the hairless skin of the trunk.

Treatment of Dhobi's Itch

Local applications and tablets.


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