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Droplet Infection - symptom, Treatment of Droplet Infection

Droplet Infection Information

Droplet Infection is also known as Airbone Droplet Infection. The size of an inhaled particle determines where it settles in the respiratory tract - and the reponse it provokes. Particles more than 10 microns in size are trapped in the nose and upper airways. Organisms present in the saliva or nasal mucus are spread by airborne or droplet infection; fine droplets or dried particles are inhaled by others when the affected individual talks, coughs, or sneezes. Diseases such as measles, mumps, and tuberculosis are passed on in this way. Infections may be spread via respiratory droplets, direct contact, contaminated food, or vectors, such as insects. Precautions for droplet infection should be instituted, including the wearing of masks and rigorous disinfection and hygiene procedures. On 27 March the Department of Health announced drastic measures, including vigorous contact tracing and examination, quarantine of contacts in their homes, and closure of all schools and universities. Droplets are generated from the source person primarily during coughing, sneezing, or talking and during the performance of certain procedures such as suctioning and bronchoscopy. In addition to Standard Precautions, use Droplet Precautions, or the equivalent, for a patient known or suspected to be infected with microorganisms transmitted by droplets.

But particles smaller than 5 microns are brone along by the airflow into the small airways. Tuberculosis, infuenza and most forms of pneumonia begin with Droplet Infection.

Droplet Infection Prevention

The polite cough in which a person holds the cupped hand or a kerchief over the mouth while coughing - does reduce the numer of infective droplets he sprays into the environment.


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